The NUT-UP Events were started in 2012 with a weekend of riding through the sights of Moab, Utah and down to Monument Valley. From there, more destinations were added, more days were added, and finally more off-bike events were added to round out the rides for the year. Finally, more off-bike events to round out the rides for the year. Getting more riders and attention than we expected led us to limit the number of participants joining each event to ensure we would maintain the friend-and-family feeling. We tend to shy away from media coverage as we want to ensure our rides are covered accurately as the concept of a "riding rally" is somewhat new.





Carefully selected companies work with us to establish the level of quality and attention to details of each event. First and foremost are our Navajo friends who provide for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities on sacred lands. We are deeply honored by these relationships. Our hotels were picked not only for convenience but for the long-term relationships we've established so that we're treated like family rather than customers.  All of our restaurants are the same, and we enjoy warm welcomes everywhere we go. This is a direct reflection of our riders as their kindness and respect have built our reputation.





The very first NUT-UP OR SHUT-UP Moab to Monument Valley *Riding* Rally set our intentions in stone. We had been working with a dear Navajo friend on the reservation when he unexpectedly died right before our ride. Instead of charging riders a fee, we asked that riders donate what they wanted to a fund to help keep his motorcycle in his family. It was a particularly magic moment to be able to offer his mother a check written out to the finance company for six months of payments on the loan.

Another favorite example of this was on a NUT-UP Epic in the fall, which is our intimate event with a very small group of riders. We were out to dinner and found out our waitress had just been stiffed from a table that racked up a hundred bucks before skipping out. Those funds were going to come out of the waitress' check, which didn't seem right to us. Our riders decided to all pitch in and not only cover the bill, but also give a great tip on top of it. The look on the young girl's face was satisfying enough, but her beaming reaction and adamant hugging of each and every rider provided for a beautiful moment for all of us.


There are always moments like this on a NUT-UP Event. We believe strongly in good people. In return, we've earned respect. This, above all else, is what we value. After several years of hard, hard work we've carved out a nice little niche in the motorcycle industry and have managed to find not only excellent locals and friends to work with, but the highest caliber of riders to participate as well. Everything we do for a NUT-UP Event is done to increase or protect this magic. We offer our riders off-bike moments that are just as incredible as the world-class destinations we ride though, making them truly the riding vacation of a lifetime.



We are sponsored by MOTORCYCLE HOUSE who always offers fantastic deals on just about everything motorcycle, from jackets to tires and everything in-between. We were approached by them in early 2015 with an offer to provide their most popular jacket for us to donate to a local motorcycle event raising money to help out children in our community. We were impressed by their level of commitment and encourage everyone to support those who support you. These guys get it, and we're happy to have them on board.




Amounts range from $10 to $100 depending upon the event and your level of participation. This is completely free and we are deeply grateful to JakeWilson.com for supporting the NUT-UP Events. Once you return home you will automatically be notified of your gift card amount and you can spend it without having to purchase a thing. Customer service is fantastic and exchanges are the easiest we've ever encountered. Many riders have relied upon these gift cards to purchase new riding boots, tires, jackets, and even rain gear. Whatever you want, go ahead and get it - it's on us!