First and foremost, we are riders, just like you. We don't care if you arrive completely blinged out or with bailing wires holding your stuff together (we’ve been there), our sole focus is the quality of rides we get to share with other cool riders who truly enjoy 'pavement-time'.  We don't have a staff but we make all of the arrangements and try hard to keep it as affordable as possible, passing along discounts where we can.


This is a rider's event - YOU, the RIDER, have made our events what they are today. Each year we added a major piece to our events, and each year we discovered ways we could do better. Hearing from riders has made all of the difference and has shaped the Nut-up to be what YOU want: an epic riding vacation. Our riders know that they are listened to, they are heard, and they are the ones shaping our events.


Our riders are the coolest people we know. We believe strongly in providing a quality ride that is not found anywhere else, and are very protective over our friendly, family like vibe.


Don't worry if you're not a social butterfly, most of our favorite riders have been very aloof, solo creatures. You can socialize - or not - as you see fit. Ride at your own pace, in a group or by yourself for the entire event. IT IS YOUR CHOICE. Ride your own ride, in every way.  You can always pick and choose what and how much to participate.

We're all about options, both on and off of the bike. Check out our FAQ section and drop us an email if you have any additional questions or comments.

We're always up for a little ride-talk :).



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