Extremely limited fall ride to close out the riding season



This is our time to have a little fun and either explore new routes with you or show you some of our personal favorites. This is a very exclusive ride with no more than 15 to 30 persons MAX.


Sometimes we will duplicate the NUT-UP Riding Rally and other times we will provide new, bucket-list destinations, all with the same attention to detail that we bring to every ride.


Riders are encouraged to contact us well in advance for spots in this event, however, we do sometimes have last-minute cancellations so do EMAIL US If you're interested at any time.




"I've been on several NUT-UP Events, but nothing is like being able to have time to bond with other riders in a small group. The evening with the Navajo families was one of the best experiences of my life with the perfect mixture of meaningful spirituality and lightheartedness. This was the riding vacation of a lifetime!"


"You go once with Samantha, you'll be asking when the next ride is. Now I get bummed if I can't make a Nut-up ride; the beauty of the landscape, the weather and the roads you travel make you never want to leave the four corners area. And then there's the riders you're with, you leave with a new list of riding folks, you'll most likely see and ride with again."




Although we have secured rooms in each location, you are welcome to make your own arrangements. We do warn, however, that riders who have done this have expressed regret for missing out on some of the wonderful evening socializing fun. We will help you make camping arrangements if you prefer. 



As we are a small group on this event, most riders tend to ride with us in a group. However, you are welcome to travel at your own pace and meet up with us at the pre-determined destination for that evening. Group rides, or parade formation, is required in all permitted areas. Road Meetings will be held at the start of each ride to share pertinent details. As we are riding through extremely remote regions with limited to no services we will also provide riders with route maps for reference with gas stops, restaurants, road conditions and other important factors.



Our NUT-UP shirts are all tested first hand for comfort and durability. In particular, our long-sleeved shirts were selected for their ability to maintain body temperatures ten to twenty degrees higher or lower than the temperature at the start of the ride. As weather in this region can change quickly, this is critical to rider comfort. Event patches and year patches are available at each NUT-UP Rally and a wide variety of glasses, flasks, and even baby clothes are available online. As we strive hard to keep costs down, we do not maintain a large inventory and our store is only open for a short time before each event. ALL RIDERS WILL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE APPAREL UPON REGISTRATION.