NUT-UP 1,000-mile Insanity: in a Single Day


The NUT-UP Insanity 1,000-miles within a 24 hour time-frame. We have an ideal route that takes advantage of wide-open highways and avoids towns and cities to keep your speed up and your time down. We note all gas stations along the route and possible restaurants and resting spots. It IS possible to complete this ride without having to break any speed limits.  NUT-UP encourages riding safely and encourages smart, safe riding to complete this run over reckless speeding. Keeping aware of every minute at every stop will allow you to be relaxed and comfortable with your time and progress throughout the day.


THIS IS NOT A GROUP RIDE. We will leave at roughly the same time after our morning document signing and mileage verification. You will be given a route map and our stopping points for gas and food. We will begin the trip together, but throughout the day it is highly likely we will pull apart, as driders ride at different speeds and take different amounts of time during gas stops. This is an INDIVIDUAL RIDE, not a competition. It is to see what you are capable of accomplishing on a motorcycle, which is much more than you realize.


You will be given a list of pre-ride suggestions on how to prepare both your motorcycle as well as your body. New riders are discouraged from attempting this ride unless they've already had several 500+ mile rides in a day under their belt. Experienced riders are highly encouraged, though it is recommended to have at least a few 500+ miles in a day rides behind you. Experience brings knowledge of how to deal with your body aches on long rides, which tends to be the number one complaint on very long endurance rides.


Completion of this ride grants you the achievement of the Iron Butt SaddleSore ride requirements, and entry into the World's Toughest Riders club.


Once the ride is complete, your witness documents will be signed and be ready to be sent to the official Iron Butt sanctioning process. You will have options for various items, such as the coveted Iron Butt SaddleSore patch and the Iron Butt Rider motorcycle license plate frame.


See article for tips and tricks to prepare and have a successful ride here.