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General Nut-up Information: 

All NUT-UP Events require registration prior to arrival. We are all-weather-riders and so are our rides. Although our riding temps range from subfreezing to over 110 degrees, our events are always timed for softer conditions and fewer tourits to be able to truly have personal moments in this breathtaking geographical region. We work with various service centers and two mechanical shops for anyone who may need help while on our rides, but riders are expected to maintain their own machines and have road-worthy bikes. Do NOT plan to attend a ride if you already know that you have issues that could leave you stranded. We have experienced outstanding service from all companies we work with, and even had a Harley-Davidson dealership secure two of their technicians to be on call for us on a Sunday. We don't forget that level of service, and know you're experienced enough to appreciate that as well. All riders and motorcycles must be street legal, mechnically sound, and insured.


Event registrations are opened a few months prior to the start date. Due to the limited number of rider spots available, we inform our previous NUT-UP riders about open registration first, then those on our Ride Update list, then in our Facebook Group and finally to the general public on our website. Upon arrival, riders will receive a Rider Pack with their registration information, lodging details (if reserved through our system), event bracelet and a neon wristie for the left handlebar of your bike. That way, all law enforcement agencies know you are with us, which has proven to be quite a benefit to riders in the past. Credit cards are welcomed and now offer a credit line through PayPal Credit where you can make payments or even make no payments for 6 months with zero interest. Cancelations are accepted within a reasonable time limit (see each event registration for details). All riders will have an opportunity to purchase apparel at a discounted rate.


Although we have had newer riders who have been welcomed and we've enjoyed taking them through their first multi-day long ride, we discourage this due to basic safety concerns, as the various conditions encountered during a Nut-Up Rally demand experience and expertise that can only come from time in the saddle. Please note that each rider is expected to take care of themselves, although all riders tend to be very helpful. We do not approve of riders who depend upon others as their standard operating procedure. This creates a respectful environment where riders can learn new tips and tricks and are happy to share with each other - but it is NOT expected. An example of the rare exceptions for newer riders to attend a NUT-UP Event would be experienced dirt bikers who have recently crossed over to the street. These riders are very well versed in radically changing road conditions and have a built-in respect for the bike. We rarely have had any issues whatsoever with inexperienced riders, and are open-minded to making exceptions for any new rider who exhibits the right attitude. As we all know, attitude goes a long way, and our riders are supportive, encouraging, and helpful for those who have a great, can-do attitude.


On average, our riders have ridden over 10,000 miles on their bikes each year. They are experienced, easy going, and have nothing to prove. They know their bikes and they know their own skill set and easily ride within the limits of both. We expect the same from new riders, and assume a fairly high expectation of riding skills and etiquette for the safety and comfort of everybody. Road conditions will change drastically and so can weather and riding conditions. We will provide basic reminders for important items to have in desert conditions (like lip balm and sun screen) and for the higher mountain ranges (rain gear, light windbreaker and plastic bags in case of wet feet), but we again assume you've packed for long-distance rides dozens, if not hundreds of times before. Sand, gravel, and loose dirt will be found along some sections of the reservation roads and in a few parking lots. Steep mountain climbs with extreme grades and radical turns will demand full focus. There will be a small amount of night riding on country roads with minimal to no road markings. You may encounter animals along the road on the reservations and deer along the mountain meadows. Riders will be expected to be accustomed to riding for hundreds of miles for multiple days and be experienced enough to do so comfortably.




Most motorcycle rally events are held on public property where a photograph is legally allowed to snap pictures and sell to the riders. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH OUR EVENTS. Our riding stops are located in the National and State Parks, Monuments and on private property in the Tribal Lands. Each and every location has required us to secure permits and permissions in order to bring our riders to these lands. Each and every type of destination has strict formalities and permits for photography as well - WE HAVE NO INFLUENCE OVER THESE PERMITS. Hefty fines have been charged to those who have ignored this, and we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for anyone who disregards these rules as they reflect upon us and threaten our permits. However, we have excellent relationships and we will be happy to provide direction for anyone who would like to pursue securing the right to photograph on these lands. We highly encourage you to contact us for more information, or search out the conditions and requirements of photography in these lands yourself.